The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Personal Care & Clothing, 3rd Place - HollenWolff Heirloom Cufflink

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HollenWolff is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based manufacturer of mechanical cufflinks and shirt studs, each set is comprised of between 14 and 22 components that have been precision-machined to watch-like tolerances from solid bars of surgical grade stainless steel.

HollenWolff required a packaging concept that reflected the ingenuity, substance, strength, domestic origin of manufacture, and most importantly the craftsmanship of the product it contains. In addition, the package needed to be efficiently customizable in a production setting with respect to serialization (each set is individually numbered), and also with respect, as a heavily gifted product, to accommodating personalized messages that are capable of being permanently inscribed on the outside of each external housing (keepsake box).

HollenWolff sought to design a package that would not be discarded, but rather become a comprehensive and indispensable part of the heirloom investment. The finished result not only realizes these objectives, but also establishes the personality of the product for its intended owner from the moment of receipt where one immediately is introduced to substance through texture and weight, through to the completion of a powerful and anticipatory five-step reveal. 



The finished product consists of four components;

  1. Exterior Housing – comprised of an extruded anodized aluminum housing wrapped with a vegetable-tanned leather belt, fastened together using four machined screw posts and a machined button stud (for fastening the belt to itself once wrapped,
  2. Interior Leather Traveling Case – comprised of one piece of die-cut vegetable-tanned leather riveted in three places and secured with a leather tie of similar composition (this component was designed by and in collaboration with leather craftsman Kenton Sorenson),
  3. A leather holster for shirt studs which resides in the bottom of the Interior Leather Traveling Case, and
  4. a microfiber polishing cloth with product description and instructions printed thereon.

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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV


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