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White Claw Summer Forever

From memes and nationwide shortages, this was truly White Claw Summer. Design agency Bulletproof gives us the low down on how they helped create the branding and packaging.

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Shawn Binder

Beverage, Food

Tic Tacs and Coca-Cola Team Up To Create Coke-Flavored Mint

The new Tic Tacs keep their iconic capsule shape, but each mint carries the soda brand’s instantly recognizable logo script in their signature red.

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Rudy Sanchez

Sustainable Design

You Can't Win The War On Plastic When Recycled Flake Costs More Than Virgin Plastic

As demand for recycled plastic, fueled in large part by consumer demand for more eco-conscious products, has grown, so has its price, to the point where virgin plastic flake is now cheaper than recycled flake, according to an analysts.

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Rudy Sanchez

Beer & Malt Beverage, Sustainable Design

Carlsberg Announces Update To Development Of Green Fiber Bottle

The partnership between Carlsberg and packaging specialists BillerudKorsnäs and ALPLA has reached a milestone, resulting in a set of prototypes dubbed the Green Fiber Bottle.

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Rudy Sanchez

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