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Pams Flour

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/02/2013 | 1 Minute Read

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"From amidst the scattered flour and delicious smell of cookies and muffins baking, comes the rewarding satisfaction of home baking, shared by many a generation. The Pams Private Label flour range captures this sense of baking nostalgia with familiar baking icons and charming fabrics woven from another time of wisdom and practicality."



"Just like a good bread, these packs are wonderfully wholesome. Bold type lovingly handcrafted to imperfection. Natural colours and a good spoonful of modern utalitarian chic in the form of typewriter fonts and letterpress simplicity. A refreshing and delightful take on a basic everyday item."This range was designed by Brother Design Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand.



Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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