You'll Want To Crack Open A Good One Soda

by Shawn Binder on 11/06/2020 | 2 Minute Read

We’re not sure we could have only one of these sleek hard sodas. Utilizing a straight-forward, type-focused design, Good One is a minimalist marvel. The striking color combinations are unseen in the soda space (until now), and that typography is bursting with personality. I feel like this can would give you a wink if it could, and that makes me want to buy a few packs for some cheeky friends.

Good One drinks are as range of alcoholic soda that are brewed and packaged in the UK. Good One are all about keeping it real! The brand is defined by a whimsical off-beat personality that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

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The visual style is slightly retro with a vintage glamour, it’s bold and eye catching and doesn't follow the template set out by their competitors. They are about standing out from the crowd and being authentic. That extends to the way the drinks are taken from concept to creation, they aren't a large company with a huge lab producing chemically drinks. They are brewed and packaged in their East London home, their customers are friends.

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The brand has a personality and is all about keeping the customers engaged and entertained. It speaks with a cool confidence that friends and customers will appreciate. All served with a pinch of dry wit. Too often, drinks brands can get into a way of speaking that feels corporate, impersonal, and just plain cheesy.

The Good One brand has been carefully considered to stand out within the hard soda market and they really believe in what they do and the product they produce.

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