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Utilizing the natural structural advantages of a tray for holding a product with precision, we decided to make this typically plain packaging component into a dynamic highlight for an amazing product.  The tray itself helps to tell the story of what the product is for, silicone earbud covers in this case. This design takes full advantage of the fluid and dynamic potential of thermoformed plastic trays which we specified in 100% recyclable polyethylene. Another advantage of our approach is the elimination of additional exterior boxes, wraps or sleeves which reduces waste, helping the bottom lines of both the earth and our client. The tray is covered in the front by a crystal clear co-polymer film which is easy to open for the consumer by pealing away from the glued edge.  Rounding out the packaging is the back label which provides instructions and copy, helping the front to remain elegant and clean.  Simple to manufacture, economical, easy to use, efficiently sized, and beautiful; what more could a client need?



Designed by Imagemme

Location: New York, United States

Placement: 1st 

Category: Technology, Games & Toys, Media, & Self-Promotional


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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV


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