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Moxie Sozo-Designed LOVO Is Swiss Milk Chocolate Without The Moo

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read

In addition to expensive timepieces and multipurpose pocket knives, the European nation of Switzerland is also known for its chocolate, particularly milk chocolate. Swiss Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in 1875, and the Alpine nation’s reputation for producing some of the finest and best-tasting chocolate has only grown since then.

When LOVO founders Courtenay Vuchnich and Simon Lester set out to make a range of vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO plant-milk-based chocolate bars, the husband and wife team went to Switzerland and its milk chocolate industry’s nearly 150-year experience. The result was LOVO’s range of treats loaded with almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, and oat milk.

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Vuchnich and Lester teamed up with the talented folks at Moxie Sozo for LOVO’s branding and packaging design. LOVO’s branding respects Switzerland’s milk chocolate legacy while celebrating the brand’s plant-based recipes.

“We wanted a brand name and logo which was bold with clean visual simplicity that uniquely communicates our plant-based positioning,” Courtenay said. “The L and the V represent the plants, and the O’s are in the shape of the nuts in our line of bars. This unique font allows us to communicate our love for an innovative new dairy-free milk chocolate with a positioning designed for 2023.”

The wrappers use a pleasant blue base delightfully illustrated with birds, including turacos, the national bird of Switzerland, squirrels, and milk jugs. The sharper-eyed will also spot the Matterhorn’s fabled cryptid, the Yeti. Each flavor’s wrapper design also features the nuts each milk gets made from in a brighter support color. Additionally, the LOVO logo prominently features on the front of the wrapper in a milky white.


What's more, the wrappers are entirely curbside recyclable and made from FSC-certified paper.

“LOVO came to Moxie Sozo with a great product and the unique challenge of breaking into the milk chocolate category as a 100% plant-based offering,” said Nate Dyer, creative director at Moxie Sozo. “We needed to create a brand and package that communicated the creaminess and deliciousness of the chocolate while also telling the plant-based story without scaring off any conventional milk chocolate consumers. LOVO straddles the line between a wholesome indulgence and traditional milk chocolate with an approachable sophistication that will win over chocolate lovers everywhere.”

LOVO chocolate bars are available now at LOVOChocolate.com and Amazon.