Boston Beer Company Unveils TeaPot, Its First Cannabis-Based Beverage

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/26/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Last September, Boston Beer Company, the parent firm of Sam Adams, Truly, Twisted Tea, and Dogfish Head, announced a new subsidiary, BBCCC, Inc., focused on exploring the cannabis beverage market. BBCC entered into a partnership with Canadian producer Peak Processing Solutions and distributor Entourage Health Corp

Now, their first cannabis-influenced product line, TeaPot, will be available in select Canadian provinces this July.

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As the name suggests, TeaPot’s Good Day Iced Tea combines genuine black iced tea with lemon and 5mg of THC from Entourage’s cultivar Pedro's Sweet Sativa. The 355ml slim cans come wrapped in a groovy, bright, cheerful label, and the background is a pattern of orange and yellow waves emanating from the sun at the bottom of the can. TeaPot’s logo also gets shaped like a classic ceramic teapot with a cannabis leaf sprouting from the spout; the brand name comes inside the teapot's body, set in typography reminiscent of traditional stoner aesthetics.

“TeaPot purposefully pairs the right tea with the right pot for the right occasion,” said Paul Weaver, director, head of cannabis at The Boston Beer Company, via press release. “Each can is precisely dosed for social gatherings with friends and family. We think TeaPot is the best-tasting cannabis beverage on the market, and we can't wait for people to try it – we think they'll agree.”

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According to the same press release, The Boston Beer Company is excited about the cannabis-infused beverage category but is experimenting in Canada, where cannabis is federally legal, waiting for reform in US regulations.

Images courtesy of Boston Beer Company.

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