The Strangest Mix Has The Most Fun With It's Illustrations

by Shawn Binder on 12/04/2020 | 2 Minute Read

This pre-made cocktail would be at home in any museum gift shop, owing to the visual cues that feel like they’ve been pulled from history books and mashed together. The 19th century style of illustrations find giraffes mixed with kangaroos. We’re digging the less serious approach ready-to-drink cocktail designs have become, and the traditional liter bottle makes this drink all the more comfortable for experienced drinkers. 

This approachable, fun design paired with hyper-stylized typeface make sure that The Strangest Mix is the perfect conversation starter to your wild nights.

The Strangest Mix, a brand of original premium premixed cocktails, was looking for a bottle label design that would set it apart from the rest and help it to stand out in a burgeoning market.

By deconstructing the nineteenth century illustrations by botanist Charles Dessalines d’Orbigny, we created two bizarre creatures and placed them in an extraordinary setting combining elements of Ancient Egypt, Arabic structures and Nordic landscapes. The scene is rounded off by a complex typographical creation that allows “The Strangest Mix” to really stand out on the label. The brand is even more gloriously enhanced thanks to a powerful colour mix in which shades of orange and blue vividly complement each other.

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Editorial photograph
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