Three Peaks is a Ultra Luxurious New Zealand Honey

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/22/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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We can’t get over how luxurious and gorgeous this honey packaging is. New Zealand based juice3D designed the packaging for Three Peaks, a local high-end honey brand.

“Three Peaks® is New Zealand’s first ultra-premium Manuka honey brand. 

Our brief was simple. ‘Avoid common honey packaging cliche’s’ and design a stunning custom glass jar and closure for the world’s most magnificent Manuka honey.” 

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“Three Peaks® Manuka honey is sourced from the volcanic central plateau of New Zealand’s North Island, a globally recognised conservation area and national treasure. The structural packaging design has been created to reflect this remote and spectacular wilderness through its tapered silhouette that references the cultural taonga*, Mount Tongariro. 

The 'Tongariro Jar' is an elegant and iconic structural packaging design that unashamedly showcases this magical product and captures it’s miraculous environment of extreme beauty and rugged purity. 

*taonga; (in Maori culture) an object or natural resource which is highly prized.” 

Editorial photograph

Designed By: juice3DDesigner: Thomas FlinnClient: Three Peaks HoneyLocation: New Zealand


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