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Coca-Cola Drops The Needle On Latest Creations Flavor, Collaborating With Marshmello

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/30/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Coca-Cola has been dropping limited-edition, high-concept sodas this year through its new Creations platform. For the latest summer brew, the beverage giant is partnering with musical artist Marshmello.

Editorial photograph

It's the first flavor collaboration with an outside artist for Coca-Cola. Unlike previous Creations, Starlight and Pixel, the soda maker gives us a more explicit description of what Marshmello Coca-Cola tastes like; a blend of Coke with watermelon and strawberry.

Like Pixel, Marshmello’s cans are a strong departure from Coca-Cola’s standard visual system. The black and white slim cans mix Marshmello and Coca-Cola branding. Coke’s signature wordmark gets a hip, urban makeover with paint drips coming off the logo. Marshmello is wearing his signature helmet on the front of the cans, standing behind the Coca-Cola Creations logo.

Marshmello Coca-Cola is available in the US starting in July and other select markets.

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