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We Love The Way Made By Google Utilized Product Photography On Their Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/26/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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We love this clean and aesthetically pleasing packaging for Google’s range of Made by Google products that came out last year. The design is simple yet showcases the product by utilizing photography in an effective way.

“For the 2017 launch of Made by Google hardware products, we introduced a brand new identity and packaging system. This design system links a family of products together, both hero products and accompanying accessory products. The challenge required a design solution that is flexible and scalable across a variety of premium hardware products at Google.”

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“Our goal was to develop a brand visual language that both upholds our brand values and celebrates the industrial design of our new hardware products. We deliberately chose to focus on simplicity and minimalism, defining a style that highlights the product design and promotes brand recognition.

In an effort to develop this new cohesive system, we introduced a new and unique product photography style. With this new style, the products are highlighted through bright and direct lighting, creating distinctive cast shadows. Our hero product packaging is identified with a horizontal band reflecting a tint of the product color. Throughout all of our packaging, our imagery is shown with dynamic angles that highlights and focuses on key product features. The end result is a packaging design system that is thoughtfully designed and encompasses three of our main packaging design pillars: flexible, distinct, and scalable.” 

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“It’s important to us as a brand to do our part to reduce our environmental impact. We made deliberate choices to use environmentally-friendly materials by using 99% paper and fiber-based packaging materials. These materials include: post consumer recycled content in grayboard, molded fiber trays composed of bagasse, bamboo and wood fiber. The in box materials are all printed on woodfree uncoated papers.”

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“For our hero products, we created a platform on rigid boxes to help guide our users on the proper unboxing orientation. To celebrate our products we always hero them when unboxing. We do this by displaying the product in a structurally clear presentation.

Lastly, our out of box experience is also thoroughly considered. Each and every layer tells a story and helps the user through a successful setup flow. Our users are important and we’ve focused on the end to end consumer experience with packaging: from the moment a consumer receives the box, to the last piece of documentation taken out from the box. Every element of our packaging is thoughtfully designed to bring our users a premium and elevated experience that feels distinctly Google.”

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Designed By: GoogleArt Directors: Amy Yip & Curtis FlanaganDesigners: Amy Yip, Curtis Flanagan, Parteek Saran, Roman LeyPhotographed By: Steve Simar, Donald ScottLocation: California