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by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/17/2015 | 1 Minute Read

A mouth-watering, fresh and natural re-branding for Honest Tea by Beardwood & Co.. Honest Tea is known and loved by an army of health-conscious, natural tea drinkers, but non-users saw the brand as too serious and less flavorful than the bevy of new tea competitors coming to market. Hence, the opportunity of appealing to a broader range of consumers- while staying true to its roots- became the key driver in the brief from Coca-Cola (owner of Honest Tea) to Beardwood & Co. 

“We redrew the logo in a friendlier font to help the brand feel more approachable, and embellished it with a small leaf sign-off. We also moved the tagline to the top of the bottle for greater emphasis: "Just a Tad Sweet" has always been the Honest Tea reason-for-being that differentiates the brand from its sugar-loaded competition. Hyper-real imagery highlights the organic, fresh ingredients and adds mouth-watering appetite appeal. Elements of the imagery break out of the T shape to add dimensionality and dynamism.” comments the agency. The final design grabs attention on shelf, highlights flavor appeal and differentiation, and reinforces the brand mantras. The consistent T shape with two leaves is an iconic element across all products, reinforcing the natural essence of the brand.  

Designed by Beardwood & Co.

Client: Honest Tea, subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company 

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Director: Sarah Williams 

Strategy: Ryan Lynch, Sadie Dyer 

Design Director: Loren Clapp Designers: Michael Tyznik, Courtney Deary 

Production: Anthony DeMarino, Rahil Shah Photography: Michael Wepplo  

Color Correction/Retouching: Dippin' Sauce

16oz Label Printing: Hammer Packaging  

Multiserve Label Printing: American Fuji Seal 

Variety Pack Printing: Coveris


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