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Before & After: Global re-design for Lipton Ice Tea

by Barbara Zandvliet on 10/13/2014 | 3 Minute Read

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Branding agency Design Bridge re-designed the global Lipton brand to target millennial audiences and reflect the brand's new healthy and uplifting positioning. The project included key design and marketing aspects including branding, visual equities, bottle structure, and visual campaigns for communications.

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"Part of the challenge for Lipton Ice tea was to help expand appeal so it would simultaneously compete on shelf with carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) as well as other existing ice tea brands. Avoiding the intensity and heavy appearance typical to most soft drinks, the new design communicates a healthier refreshment with the natural and uplifting qualities of tea." - Design Bridge

Responding to consumer feedback suggesting that people positively associate the new bottle cartouche with waves at the beach, the new design has a strong association with beach culture.

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One of the key challenges faced by Design Bridge was to create a single bottle design blueprint for Lipton Ice Tea that would work with significantly different filling technologies across a global network of distributors and franchise operations. The brand carried out an extensive global audit to establish a clear scope of viability for a new bottle design, consistent worldwide, which would work with these technologies, taking into account different bases, neck finishes, and the adaptability to alternative sizes.

“The new Lipton Ice Tea bottle achieves high shelf impact thanks to a distinctive modern unisex profile, and engaging physical equity in the form of a cartouche echoing the iconic Lipton motif. The bottle provides a great in-hand feel prompting consumer excitement and enjoyment. The new ‘shoulder-high’ label, working in combination with the new graphics prompt recognition and provide high visual disruption and differentiation on shelf. The higher-positioned label also seeks to arouse that same sense of ‘uplift’ consumers get from drinking Lipton Ice Tea.” - Andy Jordan, global strategy & innovation director, Lipton Ice Tea  

Shifting from previous copy based on function and product, the words ‘Ice Tea,’ have been removed from the label leaving simply ‘Lipton.’ By reinforcing the Lipton name with the graphics, the brand hopes for more emotional engagement with consumers and to make Lipton products synonymous with natural revitalization and health.

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Accompanying the new Lipton Ice Tea bottle, Design Bridge also worked closely with Lipton to develop key print visuals, including billboards, posters, banners and wobblers. 

Agency: Design BridgeClient: Lipton Iced TeaCity: LondonCountry: United Kingdom