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Heinz Celebrates American Cuisine With 'Saucemerica' Sachet Collection

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/09/2023 | 2 Minute Read

According to a survey by the traveling website The Vacationer, over 61% of Americans plan to travel domestically this summer.

Those tourists are in luck as the US is a massive, diverse place. Though national and global restaurant chains have homogenized the culinary landscape across the fruited plains, you can still find plenty of regional delicacies—just ask spiky-haired Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives host Guy Fieri.

This summer, Heinz celebrates local specialties across America with specially-designed condiment sachets for some of its most popular sauces, such as tartar, mustard, ranch, barbecue, Simply ketchup, and ketchup. Each packet, one for each state, in the “Saucemerica” collection features dishes complimented by one of Heinz’s sauces, such as Hawaii’s macaroni salad and mayo or Cuban sandwiches with mustard representing Florida. Other state and dish combinations include West Virginia and fried bologna sandwiches, Idaho's french fries, Maryland crab cakes, and let us not forget Delaware's scrapple hash with ketchup [Delaware born and raised editor's note: you do you, but scrapple should stand on its own]. 

Some dishes represent more than one state, like the Carolinas by pulled pork sandwiches and Indiana and Iowa’s packets depicting a pork tenderloin sammy. Not wanting to start an internet fracas, Heinz wisely chooses mustard for the Illinois sachet, which features the Chicago Dog.

Saucemerica sachets will be available nationwide all summer at stadiums, theme parks, movie theaters, drive-thrus, and sit-down restaurants. And you won’t have to travel the nation to collect them all; according to Heinz, the company will send a mix of different states each month to all participating operators, depending on the condiments ordered.