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Dieline Conference at HOW Design Live

by Dieline Author on 05/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Since its inception 11 years ago, Dieline Conference has advanced the package design industry in all its forms by highlighting the importance and value of brand packaging. 

We have an exciting program at HOW Design Live

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Left to Right, Rapha Abreu, Alex Center, Raphael Farasat, Kristie Malivindi, Celeste Perez, Molly Rowan-Hamilton, and Paul Taylor
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We kick off Monday with Raphael Farasat, CEO of Truffl and his session: Authentically Disruptive -- Building Holistic Brands That Are Compelling, Meaningful, and Novel With The Potential of Going Viral

Jones Knowles Ritchie will be on stage speaking about M&M rebrand with Kristie Malivindi Design Director with her session Celebrating the & in M&M's. 

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Heading to the main stage with Mighty, Meaty, Oscar Mayer. Crafting a world beyond wieners. With BrandOpus discussing American icon Oscar Mayer’s first overhaul in 138 years, this talk will reveal how the creation of a unified brand world, rooted in the creative idea ‘never square’, injected life back into the legacy brand. From the vivacious bespoke type, playful illustrations, and vividly expressive photography to an elevation of the Wienermobile, every detail of the overhaul oozed bold personality that was loudly and proudly Oscar Mayer.

Intuitive Design: A Creative Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon with Celeste Perez, Founder of Well Fed. Celeste will discuss her journey through covid, launching a brand and the ups and downs since 2020.

Join Dieline for an Award Ceremony to remember. We will announce our Dieline Awards winners on stage and showcase the best of the best in packaging. This year the ceremony will be hosted by Alex Center, Founder of CENTER.

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End Monday with Rapha Abreu, Global VP of Design, The Coca-Cola Company with his session Always The Real Everything: A Design Manifesto for the Coca-Cola Company. 


We end Tuesday with Alex Center and his session Finding My Center. An inspirational session where Alex will share the stories behind 15 years of building iconic brands, leaving his super comfortable job at Coca-Cola to launch his own company and how it all led him to the most important project of his career, himself.