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This Norwegian Water Brand Is Bringing All The Scandinavian Vibes

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/19/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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This is not your typical water bottle, but instead is one that takes a typical Scandinavian approach. Strømme Throndsen Design created the clean and minimal packaging for Lofoten Water, a high-end Norwegian brand of water.

“Lofoten Water is unfiltered premium water from Norway’s Lofoten Islands, located north of the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway. Lofoten Water is the only premium water not to be distilled or filtered, constantly renewed by glacial melt and pure fresh rainwater unlike any other natural drinking water in the world.”

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“To capture the purity of Lofoten Water required a structural design and graphic expression of prominence and nuance. The bottle moves from a slender body of horizontal lines to delicate shoulders, alongside the contrasting angles of a cap inspired by the mountain peaks of Lofoten.”

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“Materiality and visual identity are weaved together. The clear super flint glass bottle speaks of an untainted arctic environment, yet emphasised by the engraved lettering at its base. The dark blue cap captures the deep blue of arctic skies, while colour and typesetting expresses a northerly provenance, an icy cool climate and high-quality.

As the first bottle in the world, the product is sealed with the electronic Prooftag security seal.The bottle and cap is a registered design in Europe, USA and China.”

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Designed By: Strømme Throndsen DesignArt Director: Morten ThrondsenDesigner: Eia GrødalLocation: Norway

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