Elegant Tea Brand The Seventh Duchess Gets a Subtle Makeover

by margaret andersen on 06/08/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

The Seventh Duchess is an organic tea brand with a luxurious visual identity to match its name. The Duchess came to Boxer and Co. for a slight makeover of two lines in their collection; their classic and apothecary teas. Boxer and Co. did away with the previous tin packaging system and replaced it with an elegant new tube structure.

Editorial photograph

These newly design teas "are as much a giftable treat as they are a delicious cupboard commodity, ranged in exclusive boutiques and gift stores. The client's previously commissioned illustrations were used in a new and original way to breathe freshness and modernity into the range. The resulting design echoes a beautiful, modern, aspirational sophistication."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Design: Boxer and Co.

Client: The Seventh Duchess

Location: Sydney, Australia

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