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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/14/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Tired of your regular ol’ gin? Ginabo is a gin with a unique special ingredient: turnips. M&A Creative developed the label for this one-of-a-kind craft spirit that is just as surprising as it is flavorful.   

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“Ginabo was born in the Region Gandara, being an original product of the Confraternity Turnips and Company and produced by Caves Mountain. With the peculiarity of being the only gin in the world flavored with turnip, this idea came in order to create a unique and distinctive product related to the world of flavors in a region clearly recognized as the largest producer of turnips.”

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“The base of the distillate presents a significant amount of turnip, to which other berries and herbs were added in order to create a unique flavor, an emotional experience and balance. The design is the M&A Creative Agency and presents an appealing and colorful graphic concept by creating a geometric pattern inspired by the main element of the product (Turnip) and their foliage. Inspired by the Portuguese agricultural tradition, this gin promises to surprise the most demanding connoisseurs.”

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To those who might not immediately know what makes Ginabo special, the label does an excellent job of hinting at it without making it incredibly obvious. A turnip leaf pattern in teal and hot pink look edgy yet beautiful, and the “o” at the end of Ginabo is designed to look like a turnip. The font choice somewhat mimics the small wispy root of the turnip at the ends. The subtle design makes it a great choice for those who simply want a well-made spirit and also for those who want to try something completely different than they’ve ever had before.

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Designed by M&A Creative

Country: Portugal