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Green contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. This week we explore this color with a collection of green packaging designs. 

Kopos® | Limited Edition

For over 50 years, Andriotis has been in the olive oil business. The family company specializes in the trade and processing of olive oil, and they pride themselves in their extensive knowledge on the product and the special care they put into creating it. Chris Trivizas created the packaging for the limited edition Kopos, Andriotis’ latest product.


Perrier Street Art Limited Edition

Street art is everywhere, and now it’s even on your favorite can of mineral water. Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water just announced their latest line of cans in the “Inspired by Street Art” collection, this time with original artworks by contemporary French artist, L’Atlas.


Kiss Cider

At the end of a hot day, a refreshing flavored cider would definitely hit the spot. Estonian agency The Division created a mouthwatering identity and packaging for Kiss Cider, a line of flavored cider beverages. Bright, colorful fruits drape down the tops of the cans, and actual images of dewy, fresh fruits appear in the promotional materials.


Beck's Scratchbottle Limited Edition

Everyone knows the popular and iconic beer brand Beck’s. It’s the most popular German beer IN THE WORLD, served in almost every nightclub in the US. However, the younger generation of beer drinkers have begun to favor small breweries and craft beers instead of big players like Beck’s. In need of a creative solution to bring more attention to the Beck’s brand, the design team at BBDO was brought in to turn things upside down. 


New Grain Belt Beer For Football Season

To mark football season, Colle+McVoy helped Grain Belt develop a Friendly Football program rolling out now at retail and online. The program includes custom 12pk cases and bottles of Premium and Nordeast beer. Creatively, the packaging was kept simple and close to the traditional versions so as not to confuse Grain Belt fans. Special numbers and icons under the bottle caps encourage drinkers to play games at home, the bar and online. The bottle caps also announce weekly social competitions for the chance to win Friendly Football swag.



What's tasty fast food without some rockin' packaging? Designed by Antonia Skaraki A.S., the "Tasty Corner" modernizes its packaging with a sleek, black color palette and a forest green accent. The logo, a leaf, is used in multiple applications- as a pattern, a sticker and as the central focus on the coffee cup. This fast food joint, located in Chania Crete, is about providing its customers with quality food at an affordable price. The mission is well translated into the unique designs its food is placed in.


Penema® | Esterra Olive Goods

Esterra® is a family Company that deals with the cultivation, commerce and export of olive oil, as well as other quality products based on the olive. Our enterprise has as goal to develop and expand its activities to other agricultural products, cultivated in the fertile land of Messinia. The name of the Company comes from the union of the archaic “es” (from) with “terra” (land, in latin) and its goal is to express the connection of the Company to the traditional cultivation and the purity of the products of this land. 



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