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Plus Gum

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/15/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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This isn’t your typical stick of gum. Plus Gum is infused with medical marijuana, with the intent to give buyers a high that is less intense than they may get from other legal edible items. Designed by Phillip Fivel Nessen, with packaging by Dale Trigger, Plus has a retro-looking identity for a revolutionary product.

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“Plus is a Bay Area startup producing high-end medical and legal recreational marijuana gum. As a bunch of former developers, they brought some mad science to bear on their product, creating an edible that won’t leave you debilitatingly toasted for 15 hours, melting into your futon, but could act as a replacement for a beer or two. I was approached to create an identity and package design that would express the brand’s healthy, sophisticated values. The physical packaging was designed by fellow HELP REMEDIES alum Dale Trigger.”

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With a hypnotizing circle of colors, Plus Gum appears to be soothing and enjoyable without overpowering the buyer. The lines of each hue are blurred and hazy, indicating that the high consumers achieve through chewing Plus Gum is subtle. This medical marijuana product has a bit of retro inspiration, making it a beautiful meeting of old and new. Plus also has to clearly state that it is for medical use and is not intended for children, and it does so in a straightforward way in multiple places using plain text, keeping its message clear.

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Designed by Phillip Fivel Nessen, Dale Trigger

Country: United States

City: Brooklyn, NY