The First Edible NFT? Frank's Drops Latest Hot Sauce NFT Called 'Bonecoin'

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/28/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Buffalo wings have become one of the most popular snacks to munch on while watching football. It’s easy to see why; buffalo wings layer crispy, fatty skin with sumptuous, tender meat, sauced in a spicy, tangy, and buttery sauce that is so simple yet so complex. Oh, and they go great with a cold beer or three.

In time for this year’s Super Bowl, McCormick-owned Frank’s hot sauce, the preferred choice for many buffalo wing aficionados, celebrates the festivities with its first-ever NFT project called Bonecoin.

Editorial photograph

Bonecoins aren’t cryptocurrency tokens, and they don’t live on the blockchain. Instead, they are points accrued by uploading pictures of picked-cleaned buffalo wings. “Boneless wings” don’t count either since those are just chicken nuggets anyway. Whoever accumulates the most bonecoins by the end of the Superbowl on February 13th wins an actual NFT and edible physical replica made with buffalo wings, a combination Frank’s is calling an “Edible NFT” or eNFT. If Frank’s hot sauce ever put out a metal album, it would look like this NFT, which features a rearing golden buffalo with wings made of, well, chicken wings hovering over a volcano, surrounded by flying bottles of Frank’s sauce.

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“Frank’s RedHot keeps a pulse on the latest trends, and we are particularly excited about giving fans the opportunity to tap into the NFT space in a saucy and interactive way,” said Alia Kemet, VP of creative & digital, McCormick, via press release.

Fans looking to stack up bonecoins should head to to get started and learn more.

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