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Molson Coors Brings Sparkling CBD To Colorado With Veryvell

by Bill McCool on 01/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

We need a CBD drink that will help us decompress from the ad nauseam release of all these damn CBD drinks.

Last August, Molson Coors jumped into the CBD beverage market and partnered with HEXO Corp. for their joint venture Truss Beverages. Under Truss, they would release non-alcoholic beverages infused with CBD, THC, or a combination of both. Upstart beverages like House of Terpenes and Little Victory were unveiled, in addition to Veryvell, a CBD drink with a hint of THC and the enemy of copyeditors everywhere.

However, they also started Truss CBD USA, which specializes in CBD-only drinks (and, yes, that's an awful lot of Truss offshoots). 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Now, as of this week, Veryvell will land stateside, kicking off its arrival in Colorado with packaging design from Rethink Canada. Scrapping the THC entirely for its American iteration, Veryvell is a sparkling adaptogenic CBD water with no calories or sugar. The beverage comes in four targeted flavors—Focus (grapefruit tarragon), Mind & Body (strawberry hibiscus), and Unwind (blueberry lavender, because lavender is the universal flavor of chilling now). 

The packaging design leans heavily on its Candian sister products, utilizing the same matte forest green, but is now quarantined to the lower half of the can and separated by a gently rolling wave. Above, the soothing colors coordinate with the flavor, as well as the cat poster copy instructing you to “let go of your day” and “restore your balance.” The wordmark is front and center, with its lack of space between the “y” and “v," creating a nearly un-Googleable brand name.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Consumers are continuing to consume alcohol less, though not necessarily sober, as CBD and THC-laced beverages continue to flood the market, in addition to non-alcoholic drinks. With Truss and sparkling waters like Veryvell, Molson Coors looks to corner this new category, with a pretty, pretty, pretty obvious towards the increasingly inevitable federal legalization of cannabis.

“Last year, we redefined ourselves as Molson Coors Beverage Company and, in doing so, laid out a clear vision of leveraging the competitive strengths of our storied foundation in beer to grow in new spaces beyond the beer aisle,” said Pete Marino, president of the emerging growth division for Molson Coors, in a press release. “Truss’ entry into the CBD market in Colorado and the launch of Veryvell, a brand we believe will resonate well with Colorado consumers, is another example of Molson Coors’ expansion into new beverage categories.”