Cleancult Packages Their Soap Refills In Milk Cartons

by Casha Doemland on 02/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Launched this past January, New-York based Cleancult began when Ryan Lupberger and Zachary Bedrosian received a grant from the National Science Foundation to help fund the research and development stages for their all-natural and organic household cleaners. They launched a Kickstarter back in 2016 to finalize the production and designs of their first product, laundry pods.

Two years later after receiving lots of love for their detergent, they returned to the crowdfunding scene with an Indiegogo campaign to launch their first full collection of plant-based products made with the help of scientists in Puerto Rico. Together, they produced 100% non-toxic products made from all natural, plant-based ingredients like aloe vera that is great for taking on grease, olive and jojoba oils that help fight stains and coconut oil, the miracle worker that's known to fix it all.

All of this originated from the simple fact that most "green" cleaners they came across in college were still bottled in plastic and included weird, synthetic chemicals.  Instead of settling for what was out there, they opted to do something about it.

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Outside of the all-natural ingredients, Cleancult also established a refill model that removes almost all of the plastic from the equation by using paper milk cartons made from 84% paper, 6% aluminum and 10% plastic –that's 90% less plastic than most companies refill pouches – for liquids and 100% paper mailers for dryer balls and tablets. That a brand even considered packaging soap in milk cartons is not only whimsical and fun but incredibly novel. With any luck, they can hopefully eliminate plastic from their packaging completely.

Additionally, to those looking to make the switch, Cleancult can be purchased on their website or at The Container Store. If you prefer a subscription service to lighten your load, they have a variety of starter or refill kits available to choose from based on your needs.

Available products for both kits include an all-purpose cleaner, a natural bar of soap or foaming hand soap, liquid dish soap, laundry and dishwasher tablets and wool dryer balls, all of which of free of artificial fragrances and colors, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, phthalates and available in an eco-friendly refill.

Cleancult has also built giving back into their business model. After the devastation of Hurrican Maria, they partnered with C+Feel=Hope to help Puerto Rican families in need, giving out hand-powered washers, phone chargers, and more. Since then, they've donated over 100,000 loads laundry.

While the company may still be in its early stages, it's definitely got a leg up in the game due to the increasing demand for eco-friendly, sustainable products.

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