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Dieline Conference 2019: What Is The Future Of Packaging?

by Jessica Deseo on 02/15/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Q: The Future of Packaging? A: Sustainability

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Introducing our Sustainability Panel for Dieline Conference 2019

Left, Dr. Andrew Dent, Vice President, Library & Materials Research, Material ConneXionRight, Brandi Parker, Head of Realization, Pearlfisher NYBottom Left, Sian Sutherland, A Plastic Planet,Bottom Right, Giles Verdon, Head of Earthcare LUSH

The Future of Sustainable Packaging PanelThis year at the Dieline Conference, we have curated a panel that will discuss the future of sustainable packaging. Moderated by Andrew Dent, Executive Vice President and Research Chief Material Scientist at Material ConneXion®, he will chat with Lush Cosmetics' Earthcare and Engineering Circle member Giles Verdon, A Plastic Planet co-founder Sian Sutherland, and Pearlfisher's Head of Realization Brandi Parker about how designers and brands can tackle the plastic issue with the power of design.Topics discussed will range from what the world of packaging will look like in the next 5-15 years, and if governments should take the initiative and implement state and country-wide regulations or bans on single-use plastics, or if the issue is the sole responsibility of brands. Also, what does eliminating plastic packaging look like globally?

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