Featured image for Bold Packaging for Natural Lip Colors that will Get You Noticed

Bold Packaging for Natural Lip Colors that will Get You Noticed

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/15/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Kosås Cosmetics is not for those who are shy and don’t like attention. These lip colors come in rich hues like deep plum and bright strawberry that instantly draw attention. But these aren’t just fun lipsticks to wear—they’re all natural and good for your skin, too. Heavy Atelier, Inc. developed packaging that would express the brand’s values in an elegant and clean way.

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“Kosås founder, Sheena Yaitanes contracted Heavy Atelier to develop the complete brand identity and packaging for her line of natural beauty products. The concise collection of perfectly curated shades are designed to enhance the natural beauty of every woman and hydrate with skin-smoothing ingredients.”

“Heavy Atelier wanted to reflect this simplicity by conceptualizing a brand name and identity that was both clean and elegant. Our studio invented the name Kosås for its international sound that universally reflected the client’s desire to incorporate both art and science in a unique name that didn’t hold a meaning in any language before its creation. This would allow the brand to establish itself without compromise and create the meaning for its own name. The packaging design continued the brand vocabulary of simplicity by elegantly showcasing the product in a clean and modern package.”

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“Originally launched with only 4 colors, Kosås has grown to a total of 8 shades and is currently carried in luxury boutiques worldwide, including Need Supply, Revolve, The Dreslyn, Ten Over Six, The Stell and Mohawk General Store.”

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Designed by: Heavy Atelier, Inc.

Client: Kosås Cosmetics

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles