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by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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INTERACT partnered with Bone Broths Co, now KETTLE & FIRE , to lead their rebrand of bone broth products. The new positioning, brand name, brand identity and packaging developed has helped Kettle & Fire achieve differentiation from the growing wave of bone broth competitors while simultaneously resonating with health-oriented and Paleo consumers alike. 

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So what in the world is bone broth? Simply put, it’s broth made by slow-simmering the bones of chicken, beef, or fish for a minimum of 12 hours. This simmer extracts amino acids, collagen, and minerals from the bones, resulting in incredible health benefits.

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Kettle & Fire’s bone broth, made with 100% grass-fed pasture-grazed cattle bones, all-organic non-gmo vegetables, sea salt and herbs, is simmered for 24+ hours. The result is the the most nutritious bone broth available. 

Kettle & Fire’s name celebrates the elemental power of bone broth, which has been recognized by cultures around the globe for thousands of years. It’s black, gritty and earthy background instills a sense of efficacy in consumers while standing out from the white, greens and earth-toned soup and broth competitors in the grocery space. The gold kettle-and-flame brand identity exudes quality and craft, alleviating the need to use trendy and cliched copy on the front panel.

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Apart from design, the physical packaging structure is big advantage over other bone broth companies. K&F’s process uses $6MM worth of modern packaging equipment to create the first & only shelf-stable beef bone broth. Unopened, their bone broth will last 2 years without any freezing or refrigeration, & use no additives, preservatives, hormones or extra sodium to achieve this effect. The packaging is also sustainable, recyclable, & does not release any harmful chemical by-products during the manufacturing process.

All of this culminates in Kettle & Fire’s mission to truly pioneer health and wellness, one cup of amazingly delicious and nutritious bone broth at a time.

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Country: United States

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