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by Jessica Sanchez on 12/06/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"I'm and artist and paint with encaustic (beeswax, resin and pigment) on a journey toward a sustainable art form, I became a beekeeper. In the process of becoming a beekeeper, I realized that you get more honey than wax, and that's how this all came about."






As a former graphic designer and teacher of graphic design, I figured this would be a short and simple journey—one that I could handle solo. That was a year ago.Even though I had done package design before, I quickly decided I was under-qualified to do my honey package design. This occurred to me when my nephew's girlfriend gave me a candle gift so uniquely packaged that I had to call the candle company and ask for the designer’s name.

Enter Eric Kass of Funnel. What a dream. A true artist-designer. Detail-oriented, thorough and comfortable enough with himself and the design process to lead the way. We talked design-speak. I wrote a lot about everything Eastern Shore. I put together photo albums of the Eastern Shore stories. I cobbled together a creative brief. We kicked off the design process together. I would tell the story and it was up to Eric to do the heavy package design lifting.

During my process I did product research and came up with a few more ideas besides the honey jar and soap I originally intended to create. Each product required a call to Eric: "Hi, I just added another product. It's not a big deal...yada, yada, yada.” On the other end of the phone it was quiet. He listened, took what he needed and always delivered above my expectations. He never did what I told him to do, or what the vendor “required” for labeling. He found ways to satisfy the assignment to be more inline with the brand we were creating. Each addition increased the time needed to complete the process and in the end, impacted my schedule.

Designed by : Funnel - Eric KassAvailable at : Waxing Kara

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph