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by Jessica Sanchez on 12/06/2012 | 3 Minute Read


Editorial photograph

"The inspiration for the packaging was pure utility ephemera. We asked ourselves, if the military issued grooming products what would they look like? Or if you could buy men's grooming products at a hardware store what would they look like? We wanted contemporary, masculine yet timeliness."





"Not sitting in any one period of time. Void of any typical barber iconography yet somehow familiar looking. The typographic driven design and simple two color palette was also intentional to enable the packaging to blend into many different environments, barbershops, salons, men's retail clothing stores. We wanted guys to be able to leave the product on the counter and be proud of it, to not have top sequester it away in the drawer. The crown logo was intended to be a familiar accent point to the language, there are thousands of random companies using a crown as a logo. We liked the familiarity of that, while still looking fresh.

There is also a very intention awkwardness/honesty to the language, not everything lines up perfectly justified. We threw somethings off to give it an incidental not too precious feeling.The guys in the ads are all actual customers and friends we found in the barbershop. As in the packaging we weren't looking for perfection but rather familiarity. Guys that are masculine and not too fussy. Either, blue collar, white collar or no collar when guys hit the barber chair it's the great equalizer. All just guys taking a moment to tighten up their program, look and feel great. There is also a very timeless aspect to a barber shop and the entire process. We took a bit of a Film Noire meets approach with the lighting and mood. Again carefully to not get too smiley or primped but incidental. The stuff on white we treated as slightly more polished Rogues' Gallery police collection photos. Wanted to highlight the style of clothing a bit more with different styles of hair."

Designed By: Bryan Fisher

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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