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Neat Releases a Brand Refresh That's Bolder and Even More Eco-Friendly

by Chloe Gordon on 05/31/2023 | 3 Minute Read

In the ordinary foaming hand wash bottle, there's often a high proportion of water corresponding with the number of beneficial components. So not only is it wasteful for shipping purposes, making the product heavier than it should be, but an entirely better process could be achieved to move towards a more circular (thus sustainable) model.

Sustainable hand and home care brand Neat has just refreshed its branding system to upgrade the plastic-free and planet-friendly brand. The new design was inspired by customer feedback, asking for a more functional and bold system that carries instant brand recognition across the range of products. 

Neat. Cleaning and Hand Wash Heroes 2023 V1.png

The rebrand was carried out in-house for the most part by Neat's co-founder Ryan McSorley, head of brand and marketing Lucie Clark, Dana Coleman, and Carina Dicks. The brand's packaging renders are by the agency TooGallus.

The new packaging system now uses 100% recycled aluminum bottles instead of virgin aluminum. Additionally, the new packaging system uses fewer materials and implements an FSC-certified board. 

Previously, Neat's packaging system leaned into a more scientific aesthetic, with white bottles paired with a dot pattern and vertical text that was difficult to read without turning the bottle on its side. Now, the refresh showcases a bottle with a crisp white that kills the dot pattern and makes the text more legible. Further, the silicon bottom has been reduced in size, eliminating unnecessary materials and reducing waste. 

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The brand's products all consist of concentrated refill packs. Each spray bottle gets made using aluminum, and consumers are meant to add water to the cleaning concentrate at home. Not only does this reduce the weight of product shipments, but it reduces plastic waste as you can refill the bottles. The concentrates come packaged in small glass bottles and the brand projects that by the end of September 2023, the refills will save 75 tons of single-use plastic and 416,000 liters of water from transportation. 

The new design is bolder and fresher, emphasizing a more contemporary aesthetic while also proving that the brand values its consumer insights. Now, customers will be able to recognize the branding on shelves quickly, and the clean design style fits more beautifully into consumers' homes and becomes more distinct for past and future buyers.

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