Featured image for Mizone Carbon Smart Concept Is Committed To A Better Environment

Mizone Carbon Smart Concept Is Committed To A Better Environment

by Chloe Gordon on 04/10/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Excessive carbon is building up in our atmosphere. Danone-owned Mizone and LanzaTech is providing a solution using cutting-edge technology. They capture CO2, recycle and convert it into fuel and chemicals via fermentation, using the material for the world’s first-ever “Carbon Smart” concept bottle. The result is that for each Carbon Smart bottle produced, 6g of carbon is recycled.


Mizone worked with Scandinavian consumer brand agency Everland and Concept & Product Director Jonas Lundin on a bottle design that would tell the story of Mizone’s commitment to a better environment and the fascinating technological accomplishment behind this bottle.

Mizone and Everland explored various ways of communicating the concept and technology. Together, they dived into the theme of capturing air, using objects like skies, balloons, inflatable objects, blow-ups, wrappings etc. Ultimately, they arrived at a simplified design, using the captured sky in the gradient. Depending on the amount of CO2 captured, the outlook changes on each bottle. This variation gives uniqueness to every bottle and creates a greater impact on the shelves.


The familiar rounded shapes of the Mizone brand are kept, while the graphic elements, the embossing and the cloudy gradients are perfectly balanced to achieve symmetry. It is a way of communicating harmony and nature’s recycling system.

This new Mizone launch is another example of the company’s ambition to seek out innovative environmental solutions. The company has fully introduced a circular design. Since 2004, Mizone bottles have been reduced in weight by about 30% to reduce the use of plastics effectively. From 2021, all Mizone products come with bottles made of 100% recyclable materials to fully support the development of the circular economy.