Featured image for Jeni's Announces Collabs With 'Ted Lasso' For 'Biscuits With The Boss'

Jeni's Announces Collabs With 'Ted Lasso' For 'Biscuits With The Boss'

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/17/2023 | 1 Minute Read

Created to coincide with the season three premiere of the feel-good Apple+ series Ted Lasso, Jeni’s has announced a new, limited edition flavor called “Biscuits with the Boss.”

Inspired by Lasso’s shortbread cookies, or “biscuits,” if you roll that way, Jeni’s new ice cream blends shortbread crumbles into salted, sweet cream ice cream. Like most of Jeni’s delectable treats, Biscuits with the Boss gets made with quality ingredients like grass-grazed dairy and real butter.


The Biscuits with the Boss pints also draws inspiration from Ted Lasso, with a design that is reminiscent of an AFC Richmond training jumper in light and dark blue with two red stripes. The front of the packaging features Jeni’s and Ted Lasso co-branding, followed by “Biscuits with the Boss” in a sporty, athletic typeface.

Biscuits with the Boss is available starting March 2nd. Season three of Ted Lasso starts March 15th on Apple+.