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Sonos Home Theater's Premium Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 01/19/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Premium Packaging, Made Sustainably

We aim to create packaging solutions that minimize plastic parts and focus on using paper- based and responsible materials. For both products, our teams pushed paper pulp to its limit, using a combination of simulation and traditional prototyping techniques to develop robust structures. This significantly reduced the in-box packaging parts for Ray and eliminated the need for EPP foam to protect the heavier (14lb/6.35kg) Sub Mini. This process proved successful as Sub Mini is our first subwoofer to use paper pulp protective cushions. We also tailored the product bag on both, reducing extra material and protecting the products’ finishes.

In 2022, we introduced Sonos Ray and Sonos Sub Mini, new entrants to our home theater portfolio. Both launched with our new packaging system, created with the highest standards for experience, function and sustainability. With these new products, we continue to anchor our work by defining and developing Sonos’ brand identity around sustainable and premium packaging experiences.

Progressing our Visual Design Identity

We progressed our packaging visual design system on Ray and Sub Mini. Our goal is to create cohesion and consistency across different packaging structures, and we use an adaptive grid that allows us to scale as needed. Leveraging our FSC-certified custom kraft paper, we introduced delightful tactile moments through print treatments and brand debossing.

The packaging illustrations of Ray and Sub Mini celebrate their distinctive forms and feel at home in the product portfolio. We partner with our industrial design team to align on the best product angles, and explore a variety of illustration techniques to bring the product to life. Our team pays attention to detail in each illustration, using both in-house and manufacturing methods to print multiple iterations.


The final product illustration considers our holistic design standards and honors the unique product geometry. We incorporate other key packaging visuals such as our sound visualization patterns and iconography that can be discovered in additional brand touch points.

Designed for our customers, Ray and Sub Mini represent our most innovative and sustainable packaging to date. We are committed to delivering the level of design excellence the Sonos brand strives for.