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Canidae and Petco Announce National Rollout Of Refillable Dog Food Kiosks

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/17/2022 | 2 Minute Read

It makes plenty of sense to stock the daily products we use in refillable containers. We don’t buy a brand new, filled gas tank every time the fuel gauge needle reaches “empty” on our car’s dashboard. But when it comes to feeding Fido, most of us endure the regular trips to the store to buy massive sacks of kibble.

Dog food brand Canidae wants to change how we buy dry food for our canine companions, and they partnered with retailer Petco to rollout self-service kiosks nationwide, following a successful pilot program conducted in San Diego, the pet chain’s hometown.

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The Canidae refill stations are straightforward to use. Customers receive a reusable and sealable bag and then purchase one of two Canidae flavors, salmon and sweet potato, or premium free-range chicken. The food is weighed and sold by the pound, potentially reducing food waste and packaging waste.

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“The pet food industry has long lagged behind the rest of the food and CPG industries when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices," said Bret Furio, chief executive officer for Canidae, through a press release. "At Canidae, we've set a goal for ourselves to eliminate more than 80% of our plastic packaging in the next eight years, hoping that the rest of the industry follows suit. We know Petco shares a passion for wellness and sustainability for pets and pet owners alike, so this partnership is a great first step in our journey to deliver goodness to pets, people, and the planet.”

Be on the lookout for Canidae’s refill kiosks in a Petco near you.