Featured image for PepsiCo Launches Starry, A New Lemon-Lime Soda For the Kids, AKA, Gen Z

PepsiCo Launches Starry, A New Lemon-Lime Soda For the Kids, AKA, Gen Z

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/13/2022 | 1 Minute Read

When it comes to lemon-lime sodas, Sprite is the clear market leader. Not only is Coca-Cola’s Sprite the top lemon-lime soda in volume sales, but nationally, it is also the fourth-largest soda brand overall.

Since 1999, PepsiCo has had an alternative to Sprite in its portfolio, Sierra Mist. But PepsiCo's lemon-lime soda hasn't made much impact on Sprite’s market dominance, so their latest strategy is a new brand of lemon-lime soda targeted at Gen Z consumers called Starry.

Hints of the new lemon-lime flavor were unearthed by soda sleuths online, such as Twitter account SodaSeekers, which spotted a domain registration in July. Additionally, in August, Pepsi filed a trademark application for Starry, which included the logo.

The logo is playful, and the Starry wordmark is strong and energetic with a four-pointed star nestled in the bottom curve of the “S.” The top half of the logo is a lemon half, and the bottom half is lime. More stars get added around the fruit, and the background is also yellow and green but flipped.

Dieline reached out to Pepsi representatives for additional information, such as a release date for Starry, with no response at the time of this story being published.