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Seedlip's Latest Groovy Gift Set Stars Packaging Made From Mushrooms

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/16/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Non-alcoholic spirits maker Seedlip makes prominent use of nature, both in the botanicals used in its offerings, and visually with the exquisite illustrations that adorn the distiller’s labels and branding. Seedlip is looking to be kinder to that fount of inspiration with their newest gift set for their Spice 94 spirit, with packaging that requires fewer resources to produce and can get returned to nature with the utmost of ease.

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Rather than use traditional card stock to form the packaging for the gift set, the firm opted for a mycelium-based material from the Magical Mushroom Company. The lightweight home compostable packaging comes from mycelium and biomass and will break down in your compost bin in as little as 40 days. In addition to the fungi squeezed into the packaging, the gift set comes with a highball glass made from 100% recyclable glass, while the tags come from seeded paper. Even better, you can plant the thyme paper in the biodegradable packaging-turned-planter and, voila, you've got some fresh herbs.

Seedlip mentions several reasons for opting to use mushroom-derived packaging, including the amount of cardboard and plastic ends up in municipal waste, citing figures from World Bank research that finds that 44% of the world’s 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal trash is plastic, paper, and cardboard make up seventeen percent. The distiller also says that mycelium packaging requires fewer resources to produce and adds nutrients to the soil, going beyond biodegradable to bio-contributing.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Seedlip is the latest addition to a long list of diverse brands turning to fungi-sourced packaging, which includes global companies like IKEA and Dell, along with startups such as artisan candle-maker Shrine. Studio PriestmanGoode's sustainable takeout project Zero also makes use of mycelium, as well as other sustainable and organically-derived materials, like pineapple leaves, algae, and cocoa byproducts.

The gift set will be available in the UK starting October 1st, but Americans will have to wait until October 22nd for pre-order.