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You’re Going To Want One Of These Portable Sanitation Kits

by Bill McCool on 04/16/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Imagine you’re heading out into the wilderness to scavenge for critical supplies, aka, the grocery store. You’ve got your face mask on and disinfectant wipes at the ready, just in case the Acme ran out. You have some Lysol to spray down your groceries before you put them inside the car, and you're strapped with hand sanitizer for well, I don’t know, everything? These are unprecedented times, at least that’s what every brand reminds me of whenever I see a commercial between Seinfeld reruns.

You probably wish you had a delightful portable case to store all of these things in, don’t you?

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If only Kiran Zhu’s Handy Capsule was real.

Zhu, the founder of Shanghai’s Ziinlife, unveiled his Handy Capsule as part of the Create Cures project, a design collection of conceptual products imagined for a world trying to acclimate itself to COVID-19. Handy Capsule comes in an aluminum tote meant to resemble a makeup compact, and it contains a mask, hand sanitizer, temperature stickers, and alcohol wipes. The tote comes stamped to show the shapes of the items held within and is intended to have a luxe sheen so as to inspire consumers to take their sanitary precautions seriously, but with a beautifully-designed product.

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"When medical supplies become more fashionable and beautiful as daily necessities, the language of delivery will be more relatable," Zhu told Dezeen last week. "People will be willing to pay for them, and they can use them spontaneously and voluntarily.”

Better still, Zhu’s concept is for a post-Coronavirus world, one where we need to consider personal hygiene regularly, and if, as some scientists believe, we have to continue social distancing until 2022, then, yeah, you’re probably going to want something as handy as this.

That said, the only way it could win us over anymore is if it had come with some Charmin and an airline-sized bottle of Lagavulin.

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