Adobe Dimension Is A Packaging Designer's Best Friend

by The Dieline on 09/11/2019 | 4 Minute Read

Adobe Dimension is a designer’s best friend, simplifying making 3D media by compositing 2D images with 3D models, allowing designers to quickly create both prototypes and photorealistic renders either as images or 360-degree interactive views.

This is helpful for packaging designers, 2D graphic designers, and creative enthusiasts who wish to bring their work to life in 3D while not requiring a designer to create a 3D model. Dimension allows the designer to create a variety of mockups to show clients different directions and variations, as well as visualize designs in more real-life contexts. 

But best of all, it saves you time.

And that’s the real value of Dimension. What used to take hours, and a few cups of coffee now takes a fraction of the time, leaving designers to do what they do best—design. All of the mundane, tedious tasks get swept away with an improved workflow. That’s because Adobe truly understands designers—particularly those with 2D backgrounds —because they know that they want efficiency and ease.

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The program has been made for creative professionals familiar with programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, but with a streamlined UI to make the 3D design process even swifter. Which is transcendent, particularly if you’re a novice when it comes to 3D design, and you want to elevate your work.

Designers also have the added option of exporting their work in layers if they want to further edit in Photoshop or Illustrator for even more detail and nuance. Better still, you can showcase your work in 3D with ease or quickly iterate so that you can make critical design decisions on the spot so you can see the full clarity of your work for any given client.

Adobe has released several updates to Dimension this year already, and they’ve loaded it with innovative, new features and tools to improve your workflow and efficiency further.

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Cloud Rendering (Beta) allows you to upload your 3D scenes directly into the cloud, where you can easily download the end result without tying up your computer. 

Substance Material Support allows you to generate thousands of textures and appearances.  There are several presets available in the Starter Assets which ship with the application to get you started. Using this, you can change the way an object looks by either placing the same material on multiple assets or different materials on the same thing, adding textures and beautiful designs.

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Updates to Placed Graphics. Dimension has improved the process of placing graphics onto models that delivers more control and higher quality results. Now, when you place a graphic on a model, it will maintain a higher resolution. 

Units and Dimensions. You can choose from several 3D units of measurement, creating a more seamless experience for scaling your 3D designs. 

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Export Models from Dimension gives you the option to export specific models you’ve created within an entire scene, whether it’s to use in other Dimension projects, or an entirely separate application. Additionally, you can save these exported models in your Creative Cloud Libraries, so they’re easily accessible for future use. 

Align & Distribute is a quick and easy interactive widget added to the Actions bar that assists you in aligning and adjusting the space between objects. 

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Embed 3D Content on The Web (Beta) It’s never been easier to showcase your 3D content: fully embed, integrate, and publish your designs on websites, like Behance. This allows you to add a completely new medium to your online art portfolio. 

Dimension continues to move in the right direction creating a seamless experience for designers around the world looking to visualize in 3D, as it helps them create photorealistic marketing materials, product mockups, interactive showcases, and other forms of art. 

In the end, you want your tools to enhance and inform the work you produce, not hinder your creations or tie you up with busy work and project management. Having the ability to prototype or experiment with your designs while presenting your work in 3D without having to pause for a render allows your client to see the full scope of your talents and the limitless possibilities of your work.

After all, you want to be able to focus more on the creative process, and that’s what designers really want.

Go here to learn more about Adobe Dimension.


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