This Beer Is Bringing Some Nautical Flavor

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/15/2019 | 2 Minute Read

With this beer label, the typography takes the cake. Benjamin Lory designed this flag-inspired visual identity and packaging for Brasserie Uncle, a French brewery with nautical roots.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Brasserie Uncle is a microbrewery located on the North Shore of Brittany, France. I created a visual identity inspired by the nautical flags alphabet that we can find on boats on the harbour of Etables-sur-Mer, where the brewery is. The label subtly nods to the brewery’s connection to the water by incorporating the designs of the Nautical Flag Alphabet, which stretch across the top of the label. The visual identity uses the typography ‘Cyclone’ by Hoefler (a node to the strong winds and storms that hit Brittany throughout the year). Each letter has the original flag associated with it, creating a unique visual language.”

Editorial photograph

“The idea was to refer to the local aspect of the brewery, as well as a more international aspect, as the nautical flags alphabet is an international code system used to communicate between ships throughout the world. Brasserie Uncle is brewing seven different beers with international influences; wheat beer, session IPA, Pale Ale, IPA.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph
  • Designer: Benjamin Lory
  • Typography: Cyclone, Hoefler
  • Photography: Chris Robinson
  • Photography Reps: Fuze Reps


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