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Are You Ready To Go To Flavor Town With Vegan Spam?

by The Dieline on 04/01/2019 | 2 Minute Read

By: Casha Doemland

If you grew up with a Filipina mama like me, chances are you chowed down on a fair amount of spam growing up, whether it was a scramble for breakfast in the morning with rice and egg or rolled up into the ever-so-delicious musubi style. As years passed and you'd move out of the nest, it became a guilty pleasure you'd indulge in whenever you wanted a meal that felt like home.

Unfortunately, you also started looking at the sodium content and the fact that it's canned cooked meat product made from ground pork and processed ham, and you probably didn't feel as great about your decisions to chow down. Here is where things get fun as the iconic brand everyone knows-and only some love-has released Vegan Spam.

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That's something to celebrate!

When it comes to something so monumental, you've got to bring in the right design agency to sell the product and tell the brand story.

"We took the time to get under the skin of the SPAM brand and felt the best way to connect with a truly digital generation of millennials was through people, but digitally," says UK-based design agency Robot Food in a press release. "Our objectives were to inform, inspire and invite. By curating a family of vegan-SPAMassadors, we knew we could not only preach to the converted but educate carnivores, opening their eyes to a world of sustainable alternatives."

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The team at Robot Food kept the iconic blue and yellow, added a pop of seafoam green around the bottom third of the can, and swapped the spam burger for some Vegan Spam tacos.

Guess frickin-what? People love it!

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"Kimmi Chi, brunch enthusiast and part of the SPAMily said, "With the ethical outrage surrounding avocados ATM we needed a credible alternative to have on our toasted sourdough. Our prays have been answered,  and it comes in a can."

Newest vegan-SPAMassador, Russel Sprout tweeted, "Vegan SPAM is more than a delicious and nutritious meal, it's a way of life.  It speaks to our generation on so many levels. It's nostalgic, dynamic but also like, ironic. Vegan SPAM is having its moment, and we love it."

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If you've gotten this far with a salivating mouth and a happy heart, it brings me no pleasure to say this.

April Fools.

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