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Agency Society Designs Luxe Packaging Worthy Of A Very Rare Honey

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/20/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by the unique characteristics and provenance of a special, once-in-a-lifetime honey, Kiwi agency Society was tasked with designing a package that presents the honey as a luxurious gift for both domestic and global customers.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“BeeNZ had in their possession a barrel of their highest ever UMF rating Manuka Honey. They approached us to conceptualise and produce a specialised packaging solution that would present the product as a luxury item that works well as a gift for local and international consumers.


 With so many of Mother Nature’s ingredients coming together at the right place at the right time, this Manuka Honey may never be made again.


 Our approach was to hero the natural process of the product by crafting a narrative that talks about the four main ingredients that went into making this rare honey. Time, Place, Climate, and the Honey Bee. This story unfolds with the unpacking experience through design, copy and textures.


 This approach allowed us to talk about how rare the honey is and build a sense of urgency with the idea that it may never be made again, adding to the gifting experience. It was important for us to harness the positive reputation New Zealand products have in overseas markets and communicate this through design and storytelling. It is a humble approach for the brand to hero these main parts of the process rather than the brand itself. Something that directly reflects the attitude of the company and the people that work there.


 All materials are uniquely sourced and meticulously chosen to enhance the experience and narrative of the product’s story. The box is a printed colour on Colorplan with a Coltskin texture to create a subtle feeling of climate, atmosphere and movement.


 The dark green is inspired by the deep remote bush of New Zealand where the high potency Manuka is sourced. The colour green is widely accepted by multiple cultures who will likely be purchasing the product.


 The use of both gold foil emboss paired with a more fluid blind deboss creates a luxury tactile feel. A gold laminate finish on the inside of the box creates an experience that heroes the honey and creates a beautiful glow on the jar itself that reflects the contents found inside.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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