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Mitch & Me Takes Our Love Of Sharing Pet Pics To Create Shampoo Labels

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/12/2019 | 2 Minute Read

It takes just spending a quick moment on social media to notice how much people love their pets and love to share pictures and moments of their furry friends doing what they do. It’s that love of pets and sharing them on social media is what inspires Mitch & Me.

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“People love their pets. But even more, they love to take pictures of them, upload them to the network, and then collectively be touched by these photos on Instagram.

  The concept is to use this fun “addiction” of pet owners in creating packaging and brand image. In each new edition of shampoos, the brand uses amateur photos belonging to real consumers on its packaging signed on its Instagram. And each new edition on the label there are new images and new users, regardless of the pedigree of their favorites, professional images and everything else. And so again and again. Consumers literally become a part of the brand, participate in its development and the formation of its visual appearance. And packaging becomes a full-fledged flexible channel of communication with the consumer.


 P.S. This case study presents what the very first released circulation that went on sale looks like.”