Featured image for Drav is a Charming Beer With a Vintage Vibe

Drav is a Charming Beer With a Vintage Vibe

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/30/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Drav is a super quality beer at a democratic price for the young and free. Wedge was approached by the company's founders to build a brand around this feeling. We studied the codes of iconic beers to develop a new modern icon for today's culture. One that believes pink can be for anyone.From the brand strategy to identity to packaging to digital to local depanneur, Wedge became a trusted partner from idea through production. Wedge called on friend and photographer Alex Blouin to capture the true spirit of Drav in an editorial manner.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Windsor was selected as the typography for the logomark. A vintage classic paired with the modern typeface Swiss provided the just the right contrast and personality.The overall design and expression played a crucial role in sales for the brand, driving it's success. The founders happily can not stock enough of it.Please Drav responsibly whether enjoying an ice-cold-ish can on the rooftop or in Mother's basement.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency:  Wedge

Client: Menaud Brewery and Distillery

Client Brand Manager: Charles Boissonneau

Creative Director: Justin Lortie

Strategic Director: Sarah Di Domenico

Designer: Olivier Laporte

Art Direction: Justin Lortie, Olivier Laporte

Photography Art Direction: Justin Lortie, Guillaume Vaillancourt

Photographer: Alex Blouin

Web Designer: Guillaume Vaillancourt

Graphic Production: Jolin Masson

Packaging Production: Wedge

Packaging Printer: Carey Colour Inc.

Packaging Manufacturer: Ball

Location: Montréal, Canada