The Dieline Awards 2018 - Prepared Food: Riso D'Uomo

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Making authentic, great tasting risotto is at the heart of Riso D’Uomo’s mission to make Italian eating easy and appealing.In the 1300s, on Milan’s immense plain, monks of the St. Barnaba Monastery began building the Cascina Basmetto, just as the city’s Duomo (cathedral) was being designed. More than 700 years later, Riso D’Uomo still cultivate the same land today, with care and dedication, using traditional artisanal methods and growing their grains in harmony with the seasons.

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Stewardship, respect and preservation are at the heart of the brand’s mission, and our brief was to turn them into a vibrant, contemporary rice brand that stands out from the relatively plain rice crowd.Our big idea was to rewrite the rice design rulebook and use bold line, solid shapes and appealing colour in a way that truly stands out. Our tile shapes are taken directly from the Candoglia marble floor design of Milan’s Duomo itself and therefore have real Italian and architectural resonance. To these iconic shapes we added simple geometrical rice patterns to anchor the product and celebrate the love of eating Italian rice well.

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We made the packaging much more compact with the quality of a building block. This matched Riso D’Uomo’s brief to make the packaging stand out as well as talked to the fact that the Duomo’s flooring was originally designed to be made a medoni (with bricks).Our packaging needed to relate to other family brands designed by Here – Geometry of Pasta, Vannino and Herbarium – and so its contemporary heritage feel also enables it to sit amongst a broader family of products and beautiful objects.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Agency: Here DesignDesigner: Billy BridgeworthLocation: United Kingdom

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