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Ritual Is The Supplement Brand That is Embracing Transparency Within Its Design

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/26/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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In our modern times, consumers want transparency with the products they buy and Ritual is another brand embracing that ideal. This health supplement comes with a see-through look to bring new meaning to transparency within packaging in a literal and figurative sense.

“Ritual is a new kind of health technology company that’s reinventing the products that women use every single day. Their debut product—an essential daily vitamin—boasts completely traceable and transparent ingredients so you know exactly what you’re swallowing.”

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“Ritual started with a simple question: what the hell is in my vitamin? After discovering that the average multivitamin includes 20+ ingredients, most of which are ineffective or unnecessary, Ritual’s team of in-house scientists set out to identify the nine research-backed nutrients that women actually need. In an industry full of half-truths and shady mystery ingredients, Ritual is the first traceable and transparent vitamin company that gives consumers the power to see where every ingredient comes from and why it’s used.”

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“When designing Essential for Women, the Ritual team kept transparency at the forefront of the product experience. Everything from the clear bottle to the transparent capsule itself is a nod to the brand’s revolutionary approach.

The clear capsule and beadlet-in-oil formulation allow users to see exactly what’s inside the supplement. These capsules are more than just Instagram-worthy; they’re specifically designed to protect and deliver nutrients more effectively than other multivitamins. The beadlets keep dry ingredients separate from nutrient oils so that they stay fresh and potent. The clear capsule is a vegan, delayed-release model that delivers nutrients once the supplement has exited the stomach, so it won’t cause nausea like other multis.”

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“Ritual’s clear PET bottle--another reflection of the brand’s transparent DNA--allows the pills themselves to take center stage. The simple, sleek, and 100% recyclable container is made in the USA and accented only with subtle white screen-printing so that the capsules within remain the main focus.

The exterior of Ritual’s 100% recyclable shipper states “The future of vitamins is clear,” yet another reference to the brand’s commitment to transparency. The modern, less-is-more shipper design mimics the capsule’s streamlined and minimal formulation. Once opened, the box reveals an uplifting yellow interior that welcomes the consumer to her new daily ritual--a sunny step forward toward better health. Made with water-based inks and soft-touch coating to maintain recyclability and sustainability, this welcoming introduction to the brand sets the tone for a user experience focused on simplicity, transparency, and glowing health.”

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Company: RitualDesigned By: Michelle MattarPhotographer: Stephanie GonotPrinter: Acorn Paper ProductsLocation: Los Angeles, California

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