Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2016: Seedlip- Pearlfisher

The Dieline Awards 2016: Seedlip- Pearlfisher

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Pearlfisher has created the brand for the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip.In a drinks market saturated by sugary soft drinks and a bevy of alcoholic offerings, Seedlip is the first brand of its kind – a sophisticated and craft-driven spirit that is also non-alcoholic. Combining six individually distilled barks, spices and citrus peels, Seedlip’s refined and complex blend is poised to disrupt the way consumers think about adult non-alcoholic beverages. Pearlfisher’s challenge was how to communicate Seedlip’s powerful challenger proposition through artfully executed branding. 

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Drawing on the strategic brand essence, “the art of nature,” Pearlfisher crafted a design language that reimagines the distillation of natural ingredients, informed by distilled herbal remedies of the 17th century. Inspired by botanical illustrations, Pearlfisher Design brought the brand to life through an artful arrangement of Seedlip’s own botanicals, which form a subtle “S”. On closer inspection, this “S’ reveals itself as the profile of the native Red Fox – a creature indigenous to the English countryside – as a nod to the disruptive nature of the spirit and acknowledgement of the power of the ingredients within. The Seedlip monogram serves as a seal of approval and brand signoff, illustrating the heritage of the distillation process inside the distinctive "S.” A pharmaceutical bottle reinforces the spirit’s medicinal roots, while a copper cap and copper detailing is used to elevate the brand and reference the copper stills used to create it.

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Pearlfisher Creative Director, Hamish Campbell comments, “With Seedlip we had the incredible opportunity to create a category language for a category that doesn’t yet exist. By combining process and ingredients in an illustrative way, we’ve brought the product’s integrity and beauty to the forefront through layers of discovery, ensuring that Seedlip will become a bar essential for both bartenders and adults who’d prefer a non-alcoholic option.”Seedlip’s Founder remarks, “Pearlfisher’s world class expertise both in drinks and creating challenger brands has created the perfect aesthetic balance between spirit category cues and Seedlip as a new category of drinks relevant to the modern day. We’re thrilled with the work and look forward to working together to bring to life our next two products early next year.”

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Design Director: Sissy Emmons Hobizal

Creative Director: Hamish Campbell

Founder & CCO: Jonathan Ford  

Founder & CEO: Mike Branson

Designed by Pearlfisher

Client: Seedlip

Country: United States