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Starbucks® Hand-Crafted Mason Jars

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/09/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Starbucks is spicing things up. Imagine walking in, ordering a Cold Brew, and instead of a clear plastic to-go cup, you receive it in one of these hand-painted mason jars. The Cold Brew was introduced this month as a permanent menu item, and the coffee chain wanted to commemorate the special occasion.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“To celebrate the careful craft that goes into brewing each small batch of Cold Brew, and its launch nationwide, Starbucks invited California pop artist Steven Harrington to create a first-of-its-kind, 60-piece collection of hand-painted mason jars. The exclusive collection mirrors the one small batch of Cold Brew crafted in each Starbucks store per day, which is equal to about 60 Grande-sized cups.”

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“Cited as the leader of a contemporary Californian pop aesthetic, Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, iconic style. There’s a timeless quality to his playful yet contemplative work, which is inspired by California’s mystique, vastly diverse landscape, and thriving mix of cultures. Embracing a multimedia approach, Harrington’s portfolio includes largescale installations made of plaster and stone, hand-screened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and sculptures.”

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Each mason jar features Harrington’s recognizable style, cartoon-like with some specific west coast inspiration. Glasses, palm trees, peace signs, and more, the pieces are fun and lively and the perfect pairing with chilled coffee. Each design also make excellent use of empty space, easy to show off the cold brew it contains. Since mason jars are commonly used as drinking glasses with a rustic twist, Harrington updates them for Starbucks and the modern consumer.

Harrington says, “I wanted to reflect the colorful, sun-drenched, playful attitude of the Los Angeles lifestyle. Additionally, seeing as how the art is a release for Cold Brew, I tried to push the euphoric sensation of sipping an ice-cold coffee on a hot summer day.”

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Designed by: Starbucks and Steven Harrington

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles, CA

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