Ms. Taken

by First name Last name on 01/18/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"A polite alternative to the 10-foot pole. Such is the premise behind start-up company, Reality Bling’s, Ms. Taken – a new product based on an age-old concept for single women, offering them a way to protect themselves against unwanted suitors in social situations. Reality Bling engaged Hornall Anderson to develop the strategy, naming, identity and packaging for Ms. Taken’s “diamond ring” – inconspicuously packaged in the hidden compartment of a keychain fob, which serves as a delivery device for easy access when needed. We also designed an elegant, upscale ring box for additional storage that also functions as a POS display.

As an added touch of humor, we developed a series of tongue in cheek “Playaz” trading cards featuring 20 different illustrated characters representing the typical unsavory personalities that single women attempt to avoid. The result is a system of guideposts that packages and messages this product in a way that adds value, connects emotionally, and ultimately builds a community of single divas. It’s a great example of how, through strategic brainstorms, innovative thinking and inspired design, we helped bring this small start-up company’s big ideas into fruition."

“We developed a concept basically via the hint of an idea meant to target women in their 20s and 30s with a sense of humor. The project included packaging an idea and creating a brand around it to which single women could really relate.”

– Larry Anderson, Creative Director of Hornall Anderson

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