Featured image for Go on a Fantastic Voyage with the Psychedelic Branding for High Heads' Edibles

Go on a Fantastic Voyage with the Psychedelic Branding for High Heads' Edibles

by Sarah Fonder on 04/03/2024 | 3 Minute Read

Vines with eyes, horses with canes, apple-flavored planets, clouds that are high in more ways than one— all kinds of wild visions pop up in BLDG's wild, expansive branding for High Heads gummies. Each of their bold fruit flavors comes in a colorful, clever pouch with wavy, smoky, out of this world illustrations reminiscent of the trippiest '70s album art.

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The Stoner’s Choice

High Heads are good buds that get you there. Our personality is that of your best stoner buddy who is always down for a smoke sesh. We keep things light, heady, and fun — and we never take ourselves too seriously. Pot is our first priority, and like any real stoner, we know that good weed feeds the imagination, sparks creativity, and lets the mind wander to previously unreachable places. The messaging and experiences that we create should bring our smokers to a heady headspace where possibilities are endless.

Introducing Our Pal, Puff. (The cloud character on our packaging).

The ultimate smoke sesh sherpa, Puff is your laid back liasion of the laugh lettuce. He's not quite your imaginary friend, but he doesn't keep one foot in the physical realm either. In fact, he has no feet. He's neither human, nor an oddity of nature. And he's definitely not a cartoon. Ultimately, he's just a manifestation of High Heads; your most blissed-out smoking buddy. Puff is no stranger to good times, so when there are some to be had, keep your eyes peeled—you might just spot that sleepyeyed cloud boppin' around nearby!

Role of the Floating Head:

Another sacred asset to the High Heads brand is the versatility of our Floating Head. It can be used very effectively as an information corridor, highlighting specific information (flavor, quantity, or even higher-level brand messaging). The Head can also be used to capture the photography that celebrates the variety of our consumer base or snapshot a specific moment in time when one might find their head in the clouds.

The High Heads illustration style is imaginative, wacky and wonderful. Every illustration is characterized by vivid color and treated with a uniform stroke weight. To simplify the addition of new flavor variants, use a three-tier structure. The first tier are our most complex characters, followed by more simplified imagery, and rounded out with a third tier which are simple elements such as swirls, stars, twinkles and clouds. Plus, we always include our pal, Puff!

Flavor profiles:


Tropical Takeoff

Does your mind need a vacation? Let the exotic flavors and pristine THC of Tropical Takeoff whisk you away to a pothead’s paradise, where ideas float freely like a balmy ocean breeze. What’s your cruising altitude?


Razzle Dazzle

What’ll you find behind the curtain? With a tart raspberry flavor and kick of THC, you’re in for a treat. Pop a Razzle Dazzle, strike up the band, and enjoy the show. Ever seen anything like it?


Wonder Melon

When your mind wanders, where does it go? Wonder Melon’s summery sweetness and high-powered THC will help plant the seeds for plenty of fruitful discussions. Are you ready to get heady?

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Galactic Apple

What else is out there? Our Galactic Apple gummies are the ideal formulation of apple flavor, with THC boosters that will rocket you to the farthest reaches of the unknown. Ready for launch?