Featured image for Stash Wine Like a Pro Sommelier in the Sleek Vinébloc Cube

Stash Wine Like a Pro Sommelier in the Sleek Vinébloc Cube

by Sarah Fonder on 02/05/2024 | 1 Minute Read

Wine lovers looking for an ultra-professional looking way to display their favorite bottles are in luck. Thanks to the team of We Are Friends, Alan Barba, and Saxon Campbell, wine now has its own luxurious take on the four-cup coffee holder in the form of Vinébloc, a sleek storage cube that can fit a small handful of bottles. They come in multiple colors, making it easy to come up with catchy visual systems for separating whites, reds, pinks, and greens. Starting a home wine cellar or stashing a bunch of bottles in the car for a party has never been easier! A nifty handle makes the smart packaging easy to carry too.


Modular wine cellar system designed for customizable and flexible wine storage. It allows users to build and organize their wine storage space according to their preferences and space, adapting to different bottle sizes and quantities.