Featured image for Stuart Semple’s Barbie-Pink Hue Is For Everyone (Except Mattel)

Stuart Semple’s Barbie-Pink Hue Is For Everyone (Except Mattel)

by Chloe Gordon on 07/19/2023 | 2 Minute Read

As if we weren't already overwhelmed by Barbie's marketing team splashing the Barbie pink hue in every nook and cranny of the universe, Stuart Semple has unveiled his latest shade to combat the hue's dayglow monopoly. The British artist released PINKIE, a pink paint shade that encapsulates the essence of Barbie's enchanting allure. 

As a mesmerizing retort to Mattel's grip on Barbie's trademarked color, Semple masterfully combines premium acrylic resins, vibrant fluorescent pigments, and radiant optical brighteners, creating a Barbie-inspired hue that's reminiscent of the beloved shade—but legally on the up and up.


By releasing this hue, Semple showcases his exasperation with corporations reveling in the monopolization of colors (i.e., liberating the Pantone Color of the Year) adorned with an air of exclusivity. PINKIE transcends these empires' constraints and creates a pinkness far surpassing its nuances. 

Semple's radiant color beckons artists, creatives, and all those captivated by the allure of Barbie pink to not only embrace its magnificence but incorporate PINKIE freely into their artistic endeavors and personal aspirations, knowing they don't need to fear unnecessary pursuits by Mattel seeking to claim ownership of this Barbie-pink hue.


PINKIE embodies Semple's spirited advocacy for creative freedom and his commitment to dismantling the barriers from corporate color monopolies. When creatives go to Stuart Semple's online art shop, Culture Hustle, they're asked to confirm they are separate from the Mattel team or associated with it in any capacity, hoping to keep this shade far away from Big Barbie.